Community Board 1 Stipulations to be Added to the Liquor license

Some Community Boards, such as Community Board 1, may require Applicants to enter into a Stipulation which Applicant’s are required to sign, which refer to music, cover fees, and dancing and CB1 then requests that the SLA include the Stipulation in any Liquor License.

SLA 30-Day Advance Notice to Community Board 12-31-21

Applicant’s for Liquor LIcenses or change in Method of Operation are required to provide 30-days advance notice to the local Community Board. Community Boards are not required to provide their response within a set timetable.

SLA 30-Day Advance Notice Form to Community Board 12-30-2021.

The State Liquor Authority requires applicants to provide a 30 day notice to Community Boards for an application for a new license or to modify a Method of Operation. Questions are asked concerning patron dancing and live music including the types of music – rock bands, acoustic, jazz. The questions as to types of music are in our opinion not constitutional.

SLA Method of Operation Form 2018

After repeal of the Cabaret Law, the SLA revised its forms for requesting the Method of Operation for applicants. Applicants are required to state whether live music is to be offered and whether there will patron dancing.

SLA Method of Operation Form 2013

Applicants for New York State Liquor licenses must include in the application a statement of the proposed Method of Operation, which is then deemed to be part of a resulting liquor license, and licensees must conform to the proposed method and apply for modification if uses are changed. The form has changed over time. This version pre-dates the repeal of the Cabaret Law.

Sugarman Presentation to Nightlife Advisory Board V. 3

Concurrent with repeal of the Cabaret Law, the City Council established a new Nightlife Office and provided for a Nightlife Advisory Board. The board held hearings. On March 13, 2019 Alan Sugarman presented a comprehensive PowerPoint, shown here in a post-hearing edited version.