SLA Method of Operation Form 2013

Applicants for New York State Liquor licenses must include in the application a statement of the proposed Method of Operation, which is then deemed to be part of a resulting liquor license, and licensees must conform to the proposed method and apply for modification if uses are changed. The form has changed over time. This version pre-dates the repeal of the Cabaret Law.

This is the 2013 version of the Method of  Operation form.


“Currently if there are stipulations on your license set by the Community Board or Municipality, submit a copy of the stipulation agreement with this application.”

  • 3. Will premises have music?
  • O YES
  • O NO
  • 3a. If yes:
  • O LIVE

4. Will the premises permit dancing?

  • O YES
  • O DJ
  • Q NO

4a. If YES, and are located in NYC, do you have a Cabaret permit issued by the City of New York?

  • O YES
  • O NO
  • 0 Hotel

If Yes, submit a copy of the permit. If Pending, a copy must be submitted prior to issuance of the license.

4b. If dancing is permitted, who will be permitted to dance?

  • O Patrons
  • O Employees for entertainment
  • O Both
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