Statutory Authority of New York State Liquor Authority to Regulate Dancing and Music

The SLA is subject to New York's Alcohol and Beverage Control Law. Although the SLA can regulate "Cabarets" but only if the capacity exceeds 600. There is nothing it the ABC which authorizes the questions included in the questionnaires to applicants for Licenses or Changes in Method of Operation.

The SLA is only allowed to inquire as to additional categories of information needed to carry out its functions.  Section 110.7 allows questions as to topless or exotic dancing, but no specific authority is granted to the SLA  to inquire as to patron dancing, type of music, or live music. The SLA forms state:

This form satisfies Section 110 of the ABC Law requiring that a statement be submitted indicating the type of establishment operated at the premises.

Alcohol Beverage Control Law

§  64-d.  License  to  sell  liquor  on  premises  commonly known as a  cabaret.  1. Any person may make an  application  to  the  state  liquor  authority to operate a cabaret.

*          *          *
A license under this section shall be required of any licensee upon  whose premises musical entertainment, singing, dancing or other forms of entertainment is permitted; provided, however, that this  section shall only apply to licensees whose  premises have a capacity for the assemblage of six hundred or more persons.  Nothing contained in this subdivision shall be construed as requiring a license under this section   by  an  establishment licensed under section sixty-four or paragraph (b) of subdivision six of section sixty-four-a of this article.

§  110.  Information to be requested in applications for licenses or  permits.

1. The following  shall be the information required on an application for a license or permit:

*          *          *

(f) A statement indicating the type of establishment to be operated at  the  premises. Such  statement shall indicate the occurrence of topless  entertainment  and/or  exotic  dancing  whether  topless  or  otherwise,  including,  but  not  limited  to,  pole dancing and lap dancing, at the  establishment.

7.  The  authority  may,  by  rule,  adopt  additional  categories  of  information  which  may  be  reasonably  necessary  to  carry  out   the  provisions of this section.

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