Zoning Resolution – 1916 to Present

New York City has had three major versions of the Zoning Resolution adopted in 1916, 1961, and the current version revised substantially in 1989..

1916 Zoning Resolution

In 1916, New York City adopted its first Zoning Resolution which created residence, business, and unrestricted use districts. There is no mention of eating and drinking establishment, cabarets, or dance hall in this original resolution. The Resolution was repeatedly amended until 1961 when a new Zoning Resolution was adopted.

Zoning Resolution As of 1960 Prior to 1961 Revision

The 1916 Zoning Resolution as amended prior to 1961 included provision restricting the location of cabarets, defined to include dancing and music but not restaurants with fewer than three instruments. This provision was added to the 1916 resolution in 1955.