Zoning Resolution As of 1960 Prior to 1961 Revision

The 1916 Zoning Resolution as amended prior to 1961 included provision restricting the location of cabarets, defined to include dancing and music but not restaurants with fewer than three instruments. This provision was added to the 1916 resolution in 1955.

Zoning Resolution As of 1960 Prior to 1961 Revision  including all amendments  to the 1916 Zoning Resolution adopted prior to November 1, 1960 together with addenda.

Added 12/29/55 (CP-12031)

(hh) The term “cabaret” for the purposes of this resolution shall mean any room, place or space in the city in which any musical entertainment, singing, dancing or other similar amusement is permitted in connection with the restaurant business or the business of directly or indirectly selling to the public food or drink, except that it shall not include such room, place, or space occupied as a restaurant where only a piano or organ with or without not more than two string instruments is played.


§4-B. RESTRICTED RETAIL DISTRICTS. In a restricted retail district, the same regulations and restrictions shall apply as are provided for retail districts. In addition, in a restricted retail district no building or premises shall be used and no building shall be erected which is arranged, intended or designed to be used for any of the following purposes except that uses specifically authorized under the provisions of §21-C shall be permitted:

  • (a) Billiard parlor, pool parlor or bowling alley other than in a hotel.
  • (b) Cabaret other than in a hotel.


1960 Zoning Resolution Provisions As Amended
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