Text of NYC Zoning Resolultion

The Zoning Resolution consists of 14 Articles and 11 Appendices, plus 126 Zoning Maps, that establish the zoning districts for the City and the regulations governing land use and development. The version linked above is an easy to use web version to the ZR, with links to legislative history. Articles I through VII contain the use,… Continue reading Text of NYC Zoning Resolultion

Zoning Resolution As of 1960 Prior to 1961 Revision

The 1916 Zoning Resolution as amended prior to 1961 included provision restricting the location of cabarets, defined to include dancing and music but not restaurants with fewer than three instruments. This provision was added to the 1916 resolution in 1955.

Use Group 12 §32-21

Use Group 12 applies in purely commercial and manufacturing areas and allows establishments with dancing.

Use Group 6 §32-15

Use Group 6 applies in mixed commercial-residential areas. In eating and drinking establishments, does not allow dancing or music if there is a cover charge, so that venues cannot cover the cost of hiring musicians.

1961 Zoning Resolution Use Groups – Music and Dancing

The 1961 Zoning Resolution introduced provisions allowing in Use Groups 6 and 12 musical instruments to be played without obtaining a cabaret license, limiting the number of instruments to three, and restricting the type of instruments to “piano, organ, accordion, guitar, or any string instrument.”