Chiasson II

“Summary judgment is granted in favor of the plaintiffs declaring that the
portion of the incidental music exception of the Cabaret Law limiting the number of
musicians who can play at unlicensed establishments to three is unconstitutional.” The license referred to is the Cabaret License.

Zoning Regulations Establishing Use Groups

Use Groups governing allowed uses in zoning districts are established by the Zoning Resolution, Article Ill: Commercial District Regulations Chapter 2 – Use Regulations. These provisions are organized by Use Groups. The districts covered by each Use Groups iare described in each provision. Section 32-15 defines Use Group 6 applying to these zoning districts: Cl C2 C4 CS C6 C8. Section 32-21 defines Use Group 12 applies to these zoning districts: C4 C6 C7 CS. This linked version is highlighted in yellow to show Use Groups affecting music and dancing.